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Software Architect, Licensing & Provisioning - Server Side Engineering

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Matthew Allen Principal Recruiter

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Job Info

Category Server Side Engineering
Employment Type Full-Time Employment
Compensation $0.00 - $0.00
Location United States, CA - 94224

Client Introduction

• Relocation Assistance Offered

• Valid H1b Visa Transfers Welcomes, Green Card Petition Filed Within 6 Months

• Please No OPT EAD, Valid H1b With 24 Months Remaining Or TN1

Interested in working for what is considered to be the #1 most innovative technology company six years running? How about working for one of the top three (3) fastest growing companies in the world?

• We’re are the leader in Cloud Computing valued at more than $60.0 billion in public market capitalization, $9.0 billion in annual revenue and 24% revenue quarterly revenue growth.

• We're one of the worlds largest and most successful 'cloud computing' technology (infrastructure and applications) companies and pioneered the multi-tenancy architecture long before Google, Microsoft or Amazon. We have one of the largest and most scalable cloud deployments in the industry (billions of daily transactions with 18ms of latency).

• We're perceived as being a series of smaller start-up companies under a larger umbrella, each having their own autonomy to innovate and deliver exciting new products and distributed services. We aren't afraid to pioneer and take chances in the industry as we believe innovation is important and is best for our customers and their need(s).

• Engineering culture is incredibly important, we encourage our Employees to take (1) one-week paid time off annually, in addition to their (3) weeks paid vacation, to work on personal technical projects from home -- go learn iOS programming, build your own Javascript Framework, whatever excites you, etc.

• Don't be concerned about getting bored! That's really no problem because we encourage our Engineers to move around from group-to-group. In fact, we have a policy that is meant to facilitate internal transfers to different groups without issue, interested in moving to Infrastructure, Core or Applications, no problem after each major release. We also informally review your performance every (3) three-months, which gives you a tremendous opportunity to move up the ranks whereas most companies only review every (12) months.

Consider having a conversation with us. We'd be pleased to answer your questions about technical challenges, titles and responsibility, and compensation. Having this name on your resume will definitely open doors for you further down the road in your career.

Job Description

We have hundreds of engineering teams, building features which span many different product areas and which are implemented on many different technology stacks. Each of these features is incorporated into a common framework to define purchasable products, provision them to customers, track usage, and allow customer administrators to control which of their users have access.

We’re looking for an experienced Software Architect to help us envision and implement the next generation of this framework. You will work hands on across two scrum teams to take services that already operate at massive scale and make them easier to use, more resilient, and more secure, and to extend coverage to an ever increasing portfolio of products being on-boarded via acquisitions and organic product growth.

Job Responsibilities

• Work with internal and external customers and new acquisitions, to understand and support their use cases and guide them towards the best practices as they integrate with the licensing, provisioning, and administrative frameworks.

• Define and promote product strategy and architecture to take these frameworks into the next decade, prioritizing Trust (security, reliability, availability, and scale) as our #1 value.

• Write production code, tests, and documentation.

• Support the area operationally when production issues arise.

• Mentor and train less-experienced engineers.

• Stay abreast of what other teams are doing, drive consensus, and resolve technical disagreements with your peer group across our R&D.


Required Experience

• 5+ years of experience working on customer-facing products/functionality.

• 12+ years of software development experience.

• Experience building platforms/APIs used by other developers.

• Excellent communications skills and ability to drive consensus within the company.

• Results oriented, adaptable, and comfortable dealing with ambiguity.

• Collaborative and team oriented.

• Strong knowledge of Object Oriented Programming languages.

• Strong knowledge of SQL and understanding of relational database schema design.

Required Education

• Bachelor's Degree or Masters in Computer Science or equivalent experience.

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