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CONTRACT - QA Automation Engineer - Contract

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Kellsie Hardy Talent Qualification Specialist

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Job Info

Category Contract
Employment Type W2 Contract
Compensation $0.00 - $0.00
Location United States, WA - 98101

Client Introduction

We are seeking an experienced QA Automation Engineer to develop, maintain and support the large set of Functional Verification Tests and Service Validation Tests for our catalog of streaming applications. Working with numerous disciplines throughout the Digital Products Division, the QA Automation Engineer will assist and support the development lifecycles of the massively scalable products, on numerous supported platforms.

Job Description

Job Responsibilities

●Coordinates with Feature Release teams to understand and implement the team’s Automation needs.
●Works with manual QA to compose test plans that outline the intended automated tests for delivery to the assigned delivery teams for approval.
●Follows the organization’s established policies and procedures when implementing Automated Tests.
●Provides comprehensive status reports to QA management.
●Leverages communication, documentation, preparation and training to educate other disciplines in regards to established QA Automation processes with communication, documentation, preparation and training.
●Supports program management teams as needed according to the schedule of releases.
●Actively researches new tools/methods that could prove beneficial in the implementation of Automated Tests.
●Understands and applies technical system knowledge to organize and create Automated Tests.
●Establishes practices that lead to higher test stability by identifying methods of testing not only the code the test is intended to validate, but the test code itself.
●Ensures stability of the software release enhancements across all digital products
●Performs debugging of FVT failures, in order to assess test stability and confirm the results of reported failures.



●1-3 years related experience required
●Bachelor’s Degree or Advanced degree or relative in-field experience preferred
●Experience with object-oriented language(s) such as: Java, Javascript, C#, etc.
●Able to demonstrate proficiency in at least one object-oriented language.
●Experience with scripting languages such as: Unix (bash), Python, Ruby, etc.
●Experience with common software development tools such as Jenkins, GitHub, JIRA, etc.
●Experience with client/server product releases/deployments of SaaS applications.
●Excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Required Experience

Sought Candidate Traits:

●Computer Science Skills:
●Has an understanding of data structures and the utilization thereof.
●Understands algorithms and how/when they should be used.
●A willingness and ability to learn and work with unfamiliar languages.
●Is familiar with the concepts, strengths and limitations of both compiled and interpreted languages.

Technological Familiarity:

●Has an understanding (preferably experience) of cloud based solutions and development that utilizes said cloud based solutions.
●Uses data to drive decision making.
●Familiarity with CI/CD systems 15 as Jenkins/CircleCI/etc., how they are implemented and utilized.

Test Theory:

●Exhibits an inquisitive nature when writing tests (what happens if I…?) to effectively cover edge cases.
●Has a core understanding of test methods that results in logically planned and written test cases.

Team Orientation and Communication Skills

●Open minded and willing to communicate ideas/concerns to and with others.
●Works toward common team goals rather than compromising them for selfish reasons.
●Coherent and effective communication skills are a requirement.
●Problem Solving and Intuition:
●Can identify problems and understands how to research and implement solutions without introducing further problems as a result.
●Is willing to approach problems with creative and potentially previously unheard of solutions.
●Understands how to debug issues and find the appropriate solution efficiently.

Temperament and/or Culture fit:

●Must be able to adapt and respond positively to ever changing product structures that may or may not antiquate previously written tests and require that new tests are written.
●Is personable and works well with the established team.
●Has an inherent interest and curiosity in Testing/Automation, resulting in the desire to research and propose new methods of testing.

Required Education

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