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Sr. Software Engineer (AI/ML) - Server Side Engineering

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James Power Associate Technical Recruiter

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Job Info

Category Server Side Engineering
Employment Type Full-Time Employment
Compensation $0.00 - $0.00
Location United States, (100% remote) - 00000

Client Introduction

100% remote (the team will meet after the pandemic, once every quarter)

We’re a well-funded stealth startup creating a cutting-edge enterprise platform for interactive customer and employee engagement. Looking for very creative, collaborative self-starters who want to rapidly experiment and then ship a reliable, easy-to-use system that creates a new product category. This is an innovator’s dream challenge that requires fusing the input of multiple audio/video/lidar sensors, reasoning over those data streams with faster-than-real-time AI systems, and then translating those outputs to hyper-realistic 3D interactive renderings using the Unreal or Unity game engines.

Offices in Puget Sound (Washington State) and Washington DC areas. Stock option package and bonus system, flexible work-from home hours, fun environment and most importantly, a culture that emphasizes personal growth with a focus on the character traits of Gratefulness, Graciousness and Generosity.

The personalities we are looking for include:

• A passion for system performance – in our world milliseconds count, so whether your expertise is hardware, software, network comms, big data, etc. we need people who thrive on finding the most efficient approach to a solution.

• A Maker Mentality – willingness to try novel approaches and put things together in unusual ways to achieve system goals.

Job Description

We are seeking for a software engineer to join our new team and build state of the art technology in the areas of advanced computer graphics, AI/ML, and audio/video data processing.

The work will include participating in the development of our technology and our product; collaborating with our partners and integrating their software into our own system; evaluating open source and other libraries for possible inclusion in our system; and assist in the myriad of engineering tasks that a new company like ours needs to be successful.

Job Responsibilities

As a software engineer, you will work alongside a broader tech team that is comprised of fellow software engineers, AI/ML scientists, and computer graphics engineers. Specific software engineering roles and responsibilities include:

• Full lifecycle software development: As we bring a new product for the market to bear, the software engineer must apply sound software engineering techniques to the design, development, and testing of the software system.

• Full stack software development: Our technology stack encompasses multiple heterogenous components – from front-end hardware and applications, to heavy-duty backend GPU-processing, to APIs that tie the overarching solution together. As such, it is crucial for the our software engineer to have the ability to design/develop/test along the ‘full stack’.

• Software integration: The software engineer will be required to keep abreast of the headway being made among tech peers working in AI/ML and computer graphics so that they [the software engineer] can continuously integrate their [AI/ML + graphics personnel] resultant work into the our software system and/or integrate works from 3rd-parties (ie, recommended open source software packages, work products developed by partners/sub-contractors, etc)

• DevSecOps: We are a relatively small team developing a cutting-edge product that is vulnerable to a plethora of cybersecurity risks; therefore, having a security mindset and applying security best practices to code design and development is a must.

As we are a small, fully remote, new team working on advanced technology, the candidate must have demonstrated strong skills and abilities in working independently, communicating effectively verbally and in writing, setting priorities, and managing multiple tasks. Above all, the candidate must be passionate and fearless in learning new skills and exploring new ideas.


Core requirements:
• 5 - 7 years of commercial software development experience
• Experience with C++ or Python
• Experience with Linux

Required Experience

Experience in at least one of the following areas is also required:
• Machine learning and ML libraries, e.g. pytorch or TensorFlow
• Computer vision and CV libraries, e.g. OpenCV
• Audio/video data streaming and processing
• Computer graphics pipelines and rendering engines, e.g. Unreal or Unity
• GPU/GPGPU programming
• Windows application development
• Digital media, including animation, AR/VR

Required Education

• BS in Computer Science or related discipline, or equivalent experience

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