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Entry Level Information Technology (Incredible Training) - Verticalmove HQ - Recruiting/Account Management

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Matthew Allen Principal Recruiter

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Job Info

Category Recruiting/Account Management
Employment Type Full-Time Employment
Compensation $0.00 - $0.00
Location United States, WA - 98021

Client Introduction

We work within one of the fastest growing industries in the world…

Financial capital used to be the most important asset of any company. In today’s world of business, the most important asset of any company isn’t something you can put your hands on. It isn’t the manufacturing plant that it builds or equipment it maintains within. It isn’t the software that it purchases, nor the data it analyzes, or the intellectual property it may generate. Without a question, the most valuable assets of any successful company today are its amazing people - human capital.

Before reading further, ask yourself why Yahoo failed, and Google succeeded? Why is MySpace a forgotten memory, and Facebook used by 1/3 of the entire population of the planet? How is Amazon capable of disrupting almost every industry it touches?

The reality is that great ideas don’t spontaneously appear out of thin air. Nor do great ideas execute upon themselves. It’s the creativity, passion, hard work and operational expertise from amazing people (human capital) that makes a Google, Facebook or an Amazon a smashing success.

Furthermore, did you know that talent acquisition, engagement, and retention has become 1 of the top 3 overall business concerns for CEOs of any size company for the last five-years running? That’s pretty awesome that we get to focus upon solving one of the top business problems/concerns for companies as large as Microsoft, HBO,, Pokémon, Nintendo, American Express, SoFi and more (btw, these happen to be real customers that we help every day).

Here are some additional statistics about our industry:

• 4th most popular entry level job for recent graduates.

• Harvard Business Review shares ‘The 3 Things CEOs Worry About the Most’:

• Our industry is estimated to generate $428 billion in revenue annually:

• During a year, staffing companies in the US are responsible for hiring nearly 17 million temporary and contract employees.

• Overall US unemployment sits at 3.6% in 2019, whereas Tech unemployment sits at 2.4%. In 2009 unemployment peaked at 10%, whereas Tech unemployment peaked at nearly ½ as much at 5.2%.

We differentiate ourselves very differently throughout the industry…

At VerticalMove, we give you the training and tools necessary to build a career, not a job.

VerticalMove speaks, acts and services its clientele intentionally different. We’re focused upon solving one of the most complex business problems among all business leaders throughout the world - think similar to world renown firms such as Accenture, Deloitte, Bain, and McKinsey. Although, we’re focused upon solving talent acquisition, engagement, and retention problems.

One of the single most impactful differences between VerticalMove and our competition comes from our training program. This difference is very intentional - when faced with a highly competitive market we asked ourselves what would make the biggest difference to our clientele and having a strong knowledge base surrounding technology has been the resounding answer.

Rather than just teaching you the 'buzz words', we go in-depth so that you feel comfortable and confident when interacting with executive hiring authorities and high-end engineering talent. Taking a specialized versus generalized approach allows us to build truly significant and long-lasting relationships with our candidates and clients. This differentiation is what has helped us land some of the most sought-after clientele throughout the world such as Microsoft, HBO,, Pokémon, Nintendo, American Express and SoFi to name but a few.

FYI: The average industry fee in 2018 was $20,283 and our ranged from $28,000 to well over $500,000 for larger retained projects.

Click here to read more on LinkedIn about what it's like to become a Technical Recruiter at VerticalMove:

Job Description

Before we dive into what we are looking for let's first look at a very important question: what do you get out of this?

• Aside from an uncapped commission structure, getting your weekends back (we do M-F), and a highly immersive 6-month training program?

• Seattle is the tech capital of the country and there are really only three ways into it: be an engineer, sell the products those engineers make or build the teams that build the products.

• We are very excitedly in that last group which is part of growing $8 billion a year industry.

• We are not the team that is hired to handle the 'low hanging fruit', we get the people other's cant. We find the diamonds in the rough and pull the leaders in the field from the competition.

• This is not just any sales job, this is a career in high-level solution based sales with some of the most impactful names in the industry such as Salesforce, Teradata, and Uber.

• We built the teams that built the CRMs you use, the app you use to call a ride, the platform Netflix runs on, and a hundred other products that aren't even on the market or public knowledge yet.

• So what do you get out of this? You get the opportunity for a very lucrative future in a highly competitive and quickly growing industries, with targeted training and mentoring with one of those most in-demand skill sets out there.

Job Responsibilities

• You are the first point of contact and the face of our firm: make initial contact and then engage their interests.

• Prospect, educate, qualify, and develop high-value candidates from within our own leads database.

• Interact with prospects via phone and email - strong emphasis on the phone - after all this is a contact sport!

• Identify and influence monetary and non-monetary motivators whether you are talking to a VP or Software Engineer.

• Immerse yourself in the technology space (SaaS/PaaS/Cloud) and become a market expert through our 6-month training program.

• Learn from the best, take what you like, and leave the rest. There are 1000 ways to do this right and we look for those that forge their own success.


Required Experience

• 2+ years of B2B, Consumer Sales or Customer Service.

• An established track record of performing at above average levels in Education.

• Competitive Sports or Extra Curricular Activities - we look for the overachievers.

• Ability to balance high expectations for team performance with a fun company culture.

• Strong interest in technology.

• An entrepreneurial spirit and the need to win.

Required Education

• Bachelor's or equivalent experience - we look for drive, intelligence, and passion and those traits come from a variety of backgrounds.

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